PO Box 1406,
NSW 2350.

Contact: Loren McNamara 
Band Secretary
Phone: 0417 636 175

Email: [email protected]

Armidale Pipe Band practices each Monday night from 6:30PM-9:00PM at Armidale High School, Butler Street Armidale.

Instruction in highland piping and drummming is provided by experienced tutors and the band happily welcomes new members willing to make the time and commitment to learning and performing with us.

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A little about us
Armidale Pipe Band is a community musical organisation. The band regularly plays in and around Armidale and also travels to play in other parts of the state when the opportunty presents. We are commited to improving the quality of our musical performance and we are actively seeking young people who wish to become part of our organisation. We are committed to teaching traditional Scottish piping and drumming while at the same time being open to incorporating more contemorary music into our repitiore.

The band is one of the largest of it's kind in regional NSW and as such we have tha capacity to play at almost any type of event. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and as such we are a welcoming organisation and we are keen to accept memebrs from all cultures and ethnicities. The band has a proud history of gender inclusion with one of our most notable pipe majors , PM Jeanette Slade' leading the band both at the Canberra Crossroads Tattoo and the Australian Federation Tattoo.

We realise that pipe bands may seem a little outdated to some but it does bare mentioning that Pipe Bands have a been an important part of Austrlian culture for the last 100 years. In fact pipe bands are seeing an unprecedented number of young people entering their ranks. The world pipe band championships are live streamed internationally and it is fair to say they are are seeing more and more young faces amoung the very best bands. Armidale Pipe Band is eagre to capitalise on this new found popularity of the pipe band scene and as such is keen to welcome young people into it's ranks. We don't charge for tuition and you don't need to buy an instrument to jion us. A pair of pipe band drumsticks and a practice pad or alternatively a practice chanter is all you need to begin your pipe band journey. 

Armidale PIpe Band has been around for over 100 years, We are committed to serving our community and we intend to be around for many years to come!

On the March

Ceremonial Prowess

Armnidale Pipe Band in full dress and on the march
Drum Major Mike Creagen stands at attention before NSW Governer Marie Bashir
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